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Hans Casper Yost

Born:    1712, (Meintz, Franconia, Germany)
Died:     Jul 1777, (George Towne, Maryland, America)

Spouse:    Eleanor Marshall
Married:    1736
Parents:     Christian Yost and Barbara _______
Siblings:    Jacob JOUST, Chartharine JOST, Heinrich JOST, Barbara JOST, Johan JOST
Children:     John, Christian, George, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Casper, William, Henry, Catherine, Jacob, Mary, Tobias, Susanna, Philip

Extra Info: (From the message boards) "I was lucky several years ago to obtain a voluminous Yost family report meticulously prepared several decades ago by Alfred C. Yost of St. Louis. He is now dead. But recently I have had a chance to double-check some of his entries during a visit to the Maryland Archives and find that, although he does not cite sources as we now do, his research was apparently from original, authentic material. He traces the Yosts (Jost), back to an area in present-day Switzerland/Austria. The Yosts were part of the Palatine migration. He documents the arrival of Gasper (later Casper)Yost at Philadelphia in 1733 on the Ship Samuel. The report traces many of Casper's descendants in the colonies, particularly sons Henry and John Yost who were gunsmiths making arms for the Patriot army during the Revolution. Has this information been posted to the web, or would it be of value to those of you out there searching for Yost ancestors?"


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